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Mathakuar Shrine

Just about 400 yards from the Parinirvana Stupa is the Mathakuar Shrine, Kushinagar. One of the most interesting destinations in Kushinagar is the Mathakuar Shrine, Kushinagar. Here you can get to see a large 6 meters statue of Lord Buddha carved out of Stucco and Chunar stone. The statue shows Buddha in Bhumi Sparsha Mudra of Buddha which is believed to describe the last few moments of his life before attaining the salvation. According to legends it is believed that Lord Buddha preached his last sermon here before his death. The Mathakuar Shrine, Kushinagar is believed to be of 10th century A.D. and still today it attracts tourists from all over. Tourists consider this as one of the important monuments in Kushinagar. The Mathakuar Shrine, Kushinagar is one of the important shrines for the Buddhist followers and attracts tourists from all over for its historical associations. Besides the Mathakuar Shrine, Kushinagar there are a number of Tourist attractions in Kushinagar. From Stupas to monuments Kushinagar is the place where history has still preserved and treasured its remnants. From the beautiful monasteries and Stupas, this serene hamlet in Uttar Pradesh is one of the ideal destinations for travelers and pilgrims as well. The other major tourist places are the Mahaparnirvana Stupa, Ramabhara Stupa and Nirvana Temple. The Watt Thai Temple is one of the most visited temples in Kushinagar. The word Watt means temple in Thai. Japanese temple is the Chinese temple with Oriental design and d├ęcor also have a Buddhist ambience. These are the temples in Uttar Pradesh which will also attract the tourists. Many of the Buddhist pilgrims visit these temples, shrines and monuments on their tours to Kushinagar and enjoy the beauty of this age old town.

Address: Kushinagar