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Birla Temple

Amidst the 5th century old Stupas and sculptures, monuments and relics, the Birla Temple, Kushinagar is one of the newest additions that add to the beauty of this holy city. Built by the Birlas, this temple is close to the nirvana site of Gautam Buddha. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Birla Temple, Kushinagar has a marble statue of Lord Buddha. For tourists who take up an arduous journey to reach Kushinagar, the Birla Temple, Kushinagar offers all of them excellent accommodation facilities at the most reasonable rates. This is considered to be one of the holy places in Kushinagar. The Birla Temple, Kushinagar has a marble statue of Lord Shiva sitting in an erect posture on tiger flash cousin. The “dhyana” position of Shiva shows he is meditating and this posture leads to the communion of Jivatma or your soul to the Lord’s soul or Parmatma. For the Buddhist and Indian tourists, the Birla Temple, Kushinagar offers excellent facilities to relax and stay at the most reasonable rates. Many of the Shaivites from all over visit this Birla Temple, Kushinagar in order to get the blessings of the sacred Lord. You can find a number of interesting Tourist attractions of Kushinagar. One of the major destinations is also the Ramabhar Stupa. The interesting tourist places include a number of temples and Stupas. Besides this you can plan a visit to the Meditation Park and Japanese Garden. The Nirvana Temple, Mahaparnirvana Stupa, Mathakuar Shrine as well as the Kushinagar Museum are a few of the important tourist places. The Watt Thai Temple is one of the interesting Thai temples in Kushinagar. The Japanese temple is also one of the beautiful temples in Uttar Pradesh and the Chinese temple with Oriental design and décor will also attract the tourists. The temples have a Buddhist décor.

Address: Kushinagar

Pincode: 274408